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If you landed here it’s likely that you or someone you care about made a few bad decisions that led to criminal charges. Now you’re trying to make sense of it and clean up the mess.

You’re scared. Confused. Embarrassed.

You're unsure of what to do next because you’ve probably never been arrested before. You get sick to your stomach every time you think about the consequences you’re going to have to face for your decisions. All you can think about right now is how badly you want it to all just go away.

You just want to sit down and talk with someone who can help you make sense of everything. Someone who won’t judge you or lecture you and but who can help you put this situation in the past.

Being in trouble with the law is scary, whether it's your first time or not. If you are on probation or have been in trouble before, you know what to expect. You told yourself it would be last time and you cannot imagine what the judge is going to say this time.

The voice in your head runs wild with uncertainty.

“This charge is going to ruin my life and destroy everything I’ve worked so hard to build.”

“This is it. I’m done for.”

“Kiss my career goodbye.”

“I’ll forever be labeled as a criminal."

Criminal Defense Attorney for:

Slow down.
It isn’t as bad as you think it is.

Sometimes this fear is warranted. Most of the time the story in your head is far worse than the reality of the situation.

In these situations it helps to know that someone has your back. An attorney who knows the law, knows the criminal justice system and knows what it takes to solve the problem.

There is a solution to your problem.

Joseph W. Fuson, Esq.

Every day I fight for good, hardworking people who have found themselves in a bad situation. They are successful people in their business and personal lives. People who may have gone their entire lives without being arrested if it weren’t for some bad decisions that resulted in criminal charges. Decisions like getting behind the wheel of a car after a few too many drinks, or possessing marijuana in a state with strict laws like Tennessee.

I am going to sit down with you, spend some time getting to know you and your story, and help you manage the problem. I will help you manage those emotions and not allow you to make the situation seem worse than it really is. I will give you perspective and develop a roadmap to getting this problem behind you, allowing you to get on with your life.  
I am a trial lawyer first and foremost. I love trying cases and have spent my entire working life crafting my skills as a trial lawyer. However, most of my criminal cases settle long before the stress and financial burden of a trial. I have spent hundreds of hours negotiating with district attorneys and working out fair and reasonable settlements that are uniquely tailored to each individual client and case. Settlements that allow the clients to move on with their lives.
However, when the cases cannot be settled, I am ready to fight for my clients. I know the law. I have the experience and knowledge to fight for you in trial. I know what it takes to try and win a case. I believe in our jury system and I believe that if a defendant is represented by a trained and experienced trial lawyer, then our jury system works.

You need a skilled trial lawyer.

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Whether in the courtroom negotiating or in trial, my job is to exhaust all options for the very best result. To fight for people who need my help. People like you.

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